We turn annual contracts into monthly payments.


Parlay is a new payment option that creates stability for sellers and flexibility for buyers.


We pay sellers annually, customers pay us monthly.

Many sellers are turning prospects away and leaving millions of dollars on the table every year because of rigid payment terms. We solve this problem by creating a win/win for everyone. 

Buyers want options.

When sellers don’t offer monthly payment options, many growing or cyclical companies are forced to find alternative solutions. This can jeopardize current and future sales and even fund the growth of your competitors. 

So what are the buyer’s options?

Buy Yours

The buyer can execute the contract but risks tying up cash that is critical for operations.

Buy Theirs

Many companies end up selecting a 2nd-rate software that meets a fraction of their needs.

Buy None

When your prospects don’t go to a competitor, they will often do nothing. A lose/lose.


Think of the CLTV…

Take this guy for example. Not only did Marketo miss out on the first year’s contract value, they also missed out on revenue opportunity for years to come.

Compromise without compromising.

With Parlay you can provide monthly payment options without jeapordizing annual contract terms.